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Cinema News: The famous Oviya by BigBoss shows her love for Arvind and that love lapsed in the end and went on to suicide attempt. The news spreads as he comes out of the neighborhood with Arrow, and they are getting married.

In an interview with Oviya, it is said:

I am acting as an Oviya in 'Raja Bhima'. It is an honorary drama. Aravind is singing the song that I and Arvind sing. It is a song that is praised for me. 'Oviya Army' and 'BigBoss Queen' are so many words. There was a lot of disagreements between me and BigBoss . That's why, there are so many battles.

We are now peaceful. I've been married to Arraw too, and many rumors have come to live in Living to Guadera. Everything is lying.

If it is so, let us say. Arraw is my friend, and he supports me. Besides, I have no faith in marriage. I do not think that's right. But life does not know where to take us.

I grew up as a younger woman from a young age. I will act in spontaneously. That's why I do not know what the wedding is for me. Besides, I have a support from one of them, "she said.

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