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I love Anisha too, soon marriage - Vishal notification

Vishal, who is busy in the film, says that he loves Anisha from Andhra and will soon get married. #VishalMarriage #Vishal #Anisha

Actor Vishal is one of the leading actors in the world, as the South Indian Actress Secretary, Tamil Film Producers Union president and filmmaker.

RK Nagar also made a comeback in the election.

Actor Vishal was not married. When asked about marriage, the actor said that he would marry only after completing the building of the building, love the actress and marry him.

She is currently officially released her wedding information. The bride's name is Anisha Reddy. Andhra Pradesh is from Hyderabad, the state capital of Telangana. The daughter of businessman Vijay Reddy-Padmaja is the daughter.

Asked about actor Vishal, who was filming 'Ayodhya' on marriage, he said: -

It is true that I and Anisha Reddy are married. It is love marriage. It is wrong to say that engagement is over. Tomorrow (Friday) my parents and Anisha Parents meet me. The engagement and wedding date will be decided.

This year's wedding will take place. We will announce the wedding date at the end of this week. I met Anisha Reddy at a concert. After seeing the love of both. Those around us know this. I'm ready for marriage.

I was told that after the building of the Actor's Association, my marriage will take place. It does not change. Actually the actor's building will be completed. Then I will marry Anisha. Marriage will happen in Chennai.

He said so. #VishalMarriage #Vishal #Anisha

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