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Jaffna. The human grave shock information was also reported in Mundaitivu

Tamilnadu federation's Jaffna district parliamentarian C.Siritharan stressed today that Mannar has human sagittans in human life like human grave and should be thrown up and investigated.

Especially in Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu youth were shot dead and buried in the well near Thambaiyar Temple near Kilani in Sampanthan Pillaiyar temple in Jaffna.

The Parliament today (Wednesday) is headed by Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri. Pi Said. He said that the army had cemented them.

He dug up and insisted that investigations should be conducted and the facts should be brought out.

In addition, the Sri Lankan MP pointed out that chemical weapons were used during the final war in Sri Lanka, and asked for fear of international inquiry if not used.

The impact of chemical bombs is still visible in the Wanni and so the children born of the child are also affected, said Shyatharan MP. Indicated.

Minister Mano Ganesan responded to the allegations and demands of SriLankan MP. Mano promised to take action in this regard, as the office disappeared under his ministry.

Minister Mano said that he would notify the writers about these matters and take appropriate action.

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