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Kamal party beats pornographic actress in the internet ..

Shakila is the sexiest actress in the Malayalam film world 17 years ago. Mammootty and Mohanlal in the film had Shakilah's films in the box office. When the Shakila films came to the scene, the other actors had a situation where the films were not available to theaters.

Currently Shakila's life story is getting ready for the movie. Richa Sada plays the role of Shakila. Shooting is going on exciting. Are planning to bring the screen to the summer. Shakila's interview on cinema life is as follows: -

"I was interested in cinema since my childhood. I am acting in films from the age of 15. I can reveal the best acting. But Shakila has stamped herself as a pornographic character. But one in the family was the one who cheated me and took away the money he earned. I have a lot of romantic failures. I have tried to commit suicide. I am a fan of Kamal Haasan. When I was at home, I saw his pictures. Kamal Haasan is also interested in joining the party. "

Thus Shakila has said.-

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