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Rajani's daughter and nephew will jump into politics

Cinema News: Leaders who claim that they are Akkar 'rational politicians' have been invited by the astrologers via the backwaters to see the horoscope, to change their minds, to send a pinami and to conduct a yoga.

But before the party starts, Rajinikanth, who has publicly declared 'mine, spiritual politics', will not go behind the astrologer? Rajini's political moods are good for each, Rahu period, Emakandam, Chandrasakamam, Ashtami - Navami, Amavasai, Sulaam, Guru Shakti. The name of the party, the first flag color, the disseen, everything is done by the astrologer guided by Rajini! His closest circles pose.

Rajini, who recently left the family with the family, met a well-known astrologer in the western districts of Tamil Nadu a few days back. The words he said gave Afety to the head.

What is that saying?

* If you want to live like Siddhar you will not win politics. The desire of the crown is that of your conscience. How would you like to get a crown?

* But in your family there is a peak yoga in politics. That's your eldest daughter, Aishwarya. He is still in your cinematic horoscope. Aishwarya is the only actor in Rajinikanth who is doing well with the film. If your party is promoted in your party and you start Aishwarya, your party will be a big hit.

* If you want to stand it down, it can only be defeated.- This is the message that Josie said. This information was first spread into Rajini's inner circle, and then the Raghavendra office has spread in the area of ​​friends. Those who smiled and heard it smiled and became a political leader and took over the regime, and what department would be given to Mabla Dhanush? General Finance? That's it. Leave all this up, all of us for Dhanush's horoscope. But it is not surprising

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