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Refugee status rejected by the Tamil young people who sought refuge in Germany

Major Reports: Since the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, the northeast has been emigrated to various Diaspora countries, requiring millions of Tamils ​​to seek refugee status and life.

It is well known that Eelam Tamils ​​live in immigrant countries in Europe.

Tens of thousands of Tamils ​​have been migrated after the 2009 Mullivaikal ethnic cleansing. It's up to date.

But the number of those who have recognized the number of accredited refugees during the current period is increasing. There are a number of reasons for this.

It is noteworthy that two Tamil youths who recently sought refuge in Germany were detained by the German Crime Criminal Police Department. But in fact, the number of those arrested is higher.

The detainees are said to be a member of the LTTE. The recent arrest of Sri Lanka's former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and the arrest of another 16 Sri Lankan army was raging in the media.

It should be noted that both arrested persons were arrested on the basis of their statements in their applications for refugee status.

The main reason for this action is the expression of the mood that the LTTE can not accept or refuse the events that they do not relate to their asylum claim (incorrectly) by providing them with refugee status.

A relative created a fictional story about the involvement of the 16 army assassins and the first person to give a refugee status to arrest him and be imprisoned.

The other person has not only delivered a fake vote for the former External Affairs Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, but also to the detainees that I was forced to laxman Kadirgamar and put him in jail.

While the European Court has declared that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is not a criminal organization, individuals' confessions can lead to the suspicion that the international community is confronted with a Tamil nationalist liberation fight and can be viewed as suspicious of the future Tamil Diaspora Diligent laughs are high.

Recently, the Sri Lankan government has been accused of torturing several former cadres and imprisoning them through their courts.

In such a situation many of the people seeking refugee status in Germany have been detained and German immigration officials have gone into refugee camps in order to find out the truth of many facts that have created a crisis for Tamil refugees.

The same has already been reported that the refugee status of the refugee status (visa) has already been reviewed.

The lawyers have warned that the case will also affect vulnerable refugees and refugees who have recently been granted refugee status,

We hope to provide you with the right sources and information without having to get the information out of the truth and get rid of the legal issues and get your refugee status and goodbye to the asylum seekers in the future.

Tens of thousands of Tamil refugees are still greeted with temporary citizenship in a number of countries, due to lack of sufficient evidence of the country's existence,

Hence, the responsibility of every Tamil asylum seeker is to maintain the true character of our struggle in the activities of Germany and to spread to other countries, the value of the Tamil nationalities and the truth of our struggle.

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