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Yogi Babu is the famous director who praised the shooting site

Yogi Babu went to the 'Dharmaprabu' shooting site where the famous director went and praised the film crew. #YogiBabu #DharmaPrabhu

SB Murthyan has directed 75 films with big actors like Shivaji Ganesan, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. AVM. Everyday to come to his office in the studio. In this case, Yogi Babu is doing the immaculas base for the film 'Dharmaprabu' which is a film starring Emadarmaraja.

SB Muthuraman heard it and asked the film crew to watch the site. The film crew was delighted and surrounded the shooting site. He saw this AVM. I have seen a lot of big sites in the studio. But that's all that time. He has been happy to see such a great site nowadays. Moreover, the story is good and the story is good. It was a great success and everyone expressed his greetings.

In addition, the shooting sites for actors like Sivaji Ganesan, NTR, Rajkumar etc are AVM. In the studio next time the site will take place simultaneously. They will be watching and talking to each other. Now it is deserted. Even if it happens, they have expressed his favor that they end up with a little worship. #YogiBabu #DharmaPrabhu

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