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Hold on to the Buddhist monks if possible, as if they were attacking Christian churches! - BBS

The BBS has warned that the Buddhist monks will be handed over to the Christian churches as they have been targeted and will face serious consequences.

Malkalende Nirmala Thera of the Bala Bala Sena has warned that no one can prevent any reaction if the terrorists attack on the temples.
Thera said in a press conference held in Colombo today.

The ISS terrorist organization has claimed the suicide attacks. All suicides are confirmed as members of the National Thousand Jamat and Jamiat-e-Ibrahim.

We want to remind ourselves of the politicians helping the IS terrorists.

Hand waving on the walls is different. We are very patient. As well as the religious leaders. Do not try to crack the relationship between Sinhalese Buddhists and Sinhalese Christians.

What are our next steps if they respond to bombs when we love them? We are paid to the general public as well as the police. So they are also responsible.

They have the duty of protecting the people even if the politicians make any decision. Some people have been told that they should not be tested in some places and that they should not be tried in Muslim mosques.

If this situation persists, the Sinhala Buddhist and Catholic people will be forced to go down the road

Minister Rishad Bathiudeen and Governor of Eastern Province Hizbullah have been arrested and demanded by the President to make further inquiries. However, the government has not taken any action yet.

The president, the prime minister and the opposition leader will not arrest Muslim ministers and politicians in order to increase their power and strength.

The terrorists will not arrest 300, but 3,000 people will not be arrested by the government. Because it will not do so to get their votes to retain power.

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