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If LTTE leader Prabhakaran had been there, would this happen to the Tamils in Pune? Thera

If Tamil Eelam leader Prabhakaran had been, would the Tamil people not have their own land today? Is East Lost? Batticaloa Mangarama Vyavarapathy Ampitiya Sumararatne Thera said that the future of the country should come back to prosperity.

He continued in this regard
I know where I was in the LTTE during the last thirty years and I was here at the time of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), when I went to Vakarai and Kokkadicholai.

I went to those areas and I have received many assistance from the LTTE to rebuild the Vihars. No one ever spoke to me. I never threatened.

Many political leaders, including the Tamil leadership, have been putting up a number of charges against me.

2000 Sinhalese and Tamil people who have been displaced from the east during the war have not yet received lands. Tamil people are living without basic facilities.

Many times I have been discussing with the rulers to provide them with the Tamil people. Tamil politicians who claim to be the leaders of the Tamil people accused me of communalism.

The University of the Open School, where students from the movies are in the Punanai area of ​​the Batticaloa district, is also set up by Eastern Governor Hizbullah.

The government gave permission for the establishment of the Universal Universities without providing Tamils ​​with the 400 acres of land belonging to the Tamil people.

Can Vigneswaran, the former Chief Minister of the North, claim to be a representative of the Tamils, and the Tamil National Alliance president R.Sampanthan can stop it?

If there was LTTE leader Prabhakaran, would the building be built in this Sunni? Will the east be lost?

Prabhakaran is expected to come back in the future to prosper in the future in the country.
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