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Large explosives in the marine encirclement in the Eranakondi area

Following a series of bomb attacks on Sunday, the Security Forces are conducting special check-ups across the country, with regard to the country's security.

Three suspects have been arrested with explosives during special check-ups carried out by the Navy.

A suspected person was arrested by explosives at the Ernakundi area on the 27th of last month. Explosives and motorbikes including 16 van Jel Streak and 160 detonators have been recovered.

At the same time, the 48-meter gel stree and 55 tetanators were seized during the coastal area of ​​the area and the Kuchcheli police are conducting further inquiries into the suspected suspect.

Following this, the Vatar Gel Tree and 5 Datenators were captured during the raids conducted by the Eastern Navy on the 28th.

These were handed over to Pulmottai police for further legal actions.

Two Sri Lankan Navy personnel were detained by two detonators, including five detonators, and handed over to the police in Pottuvil for further legal action when the Navy had checked a hotel on the 29th of Panama-Pothuvai area of ​​Hattuvoya.

When the Western Navy encircled houses in Weliire and Mabola, the officers in charge of the Army's Forest Department were in sewing stations. 140 clothes and 14 totally stitched clothes have been rescued. They have been handed over to the police for further legal actions.

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